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Care and fertilization of plants

After a long winter, your room and patio plants have collected a layer of dust on the leaves. To have a beautiful, shiny and healthy plant, it is best to drain the leaves of the plants with pure water. Please note, do not let your plants "sleep outside" for a night, there is still a high risk of frost. Indoor plants can only be planted outside from 15 ° C.

Check whether your plants have sufficient space in their current plant pot. If necessary, you can now repot the plants or top up the soil. Choose the suitable soil.

The suitable fertilizer

It is important to provide the room or patio plants with sufficient nourishment for beautiful flowering and growth for a summer. At Floram Plantendesign you can obtain professional fertilizers from the Sunplant brand. Get advice and choose the most suitable fertilizer. This way you enjoy beautiful plants. Click here to find the right fertilizer.