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Wintering of plants

For a summer you have nourished and pampered your treasures in tubs and pots. Now your plants are threatened by the coming winter and the risks that this entails. What should you do now and what can you do better?

Choose a suitable location:

Light: Deciduous plants can be put in a dark place during the winter, but evergreens need light. The warmer the location, the more light the plants need.

Temperature: There are three different categories: plants that tolerate frost, plants that need to stay frost-free and plants that need to be kept warm during the winter. Mediterranean plants are best wintered in a light place at a temperature of 10-12 ° C. Water them moderately so that they do not dry out. Place tropical plants in a light place at a temperature of 20/22 ° C and give them so much water that they are not too wet, but the soil is moist.

And again: The warmer the location, the more light the plants need!

When should I bring in plants for the winter?

The basic rule applies: Get pot plants inside as late as possible and put them out as early as possible. Generally speaking, plants have a better life outside than indoors, as far as possible, because standing indoors is an abnormal situation for plants and causes stress.

Important points when wintering plants:

Ensure strict hygiene at the wintering place. Clean the plants once a month as you did before you brought them in for the winter. Check for vermin from the end of January, because scraps can appear from this moment and spider mites, wool aphids and aphids are also possible from the beginning of February. Ensure that the climate of the wintering area of ​​the plants is properly controlled to maintain the correct wintering temperature. It is also important to keep checking for frost because you must ensure frost-free ventilation when the temperature is too high. Large winter-covered wintering areas in particular can become very hot from the beginning of February. Wintering plants should not, however, be exposed to large temperature fluctuations or be put out early.